Flute Cocktail was formed in 2004 as a trio of adult flute students. We have grown to a flute choir composed of 20 musicians from the Twin Cities metropolitan area who share a passionate love for the flute. Our strong desire to learn and grow musically translates into varied and dynamic performances that are dedicated to communicating our enthusiasm for music and for the flute. We are both professional and amateur musicians who represent a wide variety of occupations. Our group is multigenerational with young and young-at-heart playing alongside one another.

The original members were students of Cindy Farrell, a teacher at the former Minnesota Valley School of Music (MVSM) in Richfield, Minnesota. The group began expanding and performing more frequently with the assistance of co-directors Lisa Yates, Helga Kuster, Sara Harris, Carol Bros, and Beth Grosser. Johanna (Jo) Krueger assumed the Co-Director position after Beth Grosser recently stepped down from performing (though she will continue to arrange music for the group and advise with artistic direction. With the closing of MVSM in 2008, Flute Cocktail moved its base to Mount Calvary Lutheran School in Richfield, where we continue to rehearse every Saturday morning.

Flute Cocktail is grateful to recognize that almost every performer also belongs to the "Upper Midwest Flute Association (www.UMFAflutes.org), a regional flute club that sponsors multiple annual events. In fact, this year our player Ben Falk is UMFA vice president. Flute Cocktail has performed for ten years straight in the Annual UMFA Flute Choir Showcase, and individuals participate in the annual FluteFest held in the spring, as well as in other events sponsored by UMFA and other professional music associations such as the Minnesota Music Teachers Association.