A flute choir with pizzazz!
Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Flute Cocktail plays a varied repertoire. Our programs can be tailored to any audience. We often build our repertoire around a specific "theme" for the program, but many groups prefer a mixture of selections. We frequently incorporate audience participation that ranges from playing instruments to singing along.

Below is a theme repertoire from the past couple of years:

*Love Songs from the Movies
*Rock Around the Clock - songs about time
*Space - the Final Frontier
*All About Me
*Night and Day
*Patriotic Music
*Jungle Animals and Circus Days
*Food for Thought - songs about foods, picnics, etc.
*Jazz Standards
*Valentine's Day specials
*Gaelic Music
*Popular Classical and Cartoon Hits

Flute Cocktail has performed for many types of audiences and venues, such as:

*Shopping malls
*Private and corporate lunches and dinners
*Public parks
*Church lunches and special events
*Ladies club events
*Senior homes
*Assisted living centers
*Valentine's tea events
*Christmas parties
*Weddings and receptions
*Backyard parties

Flute Cocktail is grateful to recognize that almost every one of our members also belongs to the Upper Midwest Flute Association (www.UMFAflutes.org), a regional flute club that sponsors multiple annual events. Flute Cocktail has performed for ten years straight in the Annual UMFA Flute Choir Showcase, and individuals participate in the annual Flutefest held in the spring as well as in other events sponsored by UMFA and other professional music associations such as the Minnesota Music Teachers Association.